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Leveraging the combined power of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Targeted Email Campaigns drive measurable ROI for your business. 

At Putnam Marketing, our strategic approach focuses on allocating resources strategically across key areas to ensure optimal returns on your marketing investment.

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Introducing Our Free 101 SEO Tips and Tricks PDF!

Unlock the secrets to boost your online presence and drive organic traffic with our comprehensive guide. Packed with actionable strategies and expert insights, this PDF is designed to empower businesses like yours in navigating the dynamic world of Search Engine Optimization.

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these tips are tailored to help you reach new heights in digital visibility. Download your copy today and take the first step towards SEO success!

  1. Set up Google Analytics (it’s FREE!).

  2. Keywords matter more than anything else you do.

  3. Add keywords/phrases in the HTML title tag.

  4. Have a good linking structure.

putnam marketing 101 seo tips and tricks checklist pdf

SEO Tips

1. Set up Google Analytics (it’s FREE!).

2. Keywords matter more than anything else you do.

3. Add keywords/phrases in the HTML title tag.

4. Have a good linking structure.

5. You should insert keywords/phrases in the HTML body copy.

6. Purchase quality web hosting. Any of the big names will do; GoDaddy, Google, etc...

7. Use a fast-loading website. Check site speed at PageSpeedInsites.com

8. Place keywords/phrases in bold typeface.

9. You can affix keywords/phrases in header tags.

10. You should use quality website links.

11. You could submit link viral freebies to other sites.

12. Add keyword/phrase image names.

13. Use quality internal linking.

14. Insert keyword/phrases image alts.

15. You should refresh your content regularly.

16. You could get authority backlinks.

17. Utilize Landing pages.

18. Place keywords/phrases in the domain name.

19. You can use SEO optimization software.

20. You should add keywords/phrases in the web page name.

21. Insert keywords/phrases in link names.

22. Submit linked audio to other sites.

23. You can join a backlink exchange

25. Use strategic keywords/phrases in your content.

26. Use keywords/phrases in the meta description tag.

27. Get quality backlinks.

28. You can use a good-sized web page.

29. You should get tons of black links.

30. You could make a lot of related linked pages.

31. Allow visitors to add comments.

32. Use original content and switch it up.

33. You can purchase quality backlinks.

34. You should hire an SEO expert or service.

35. You could use quality site maps.

36. Submit linked videos to other sites.

37. Name your videos with keywords.

38. Use the balanced placement of backlinks.

39. Link to good root domains.

40. Use gateway pages.

41. Set up a contest.

42. Create and link to many related mini-sites.

43. Use related content.

Download the Putnam Marketing Free 101 SEO Tips PDF HERE

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