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Hansen Bridge

We are proud to showcase the impressive success story of our client, Hansen Bridge. Hansen Bridge is a leading provider of construction materials in the United States, but they were struggling to reach their target audience due to a lack of social media presence.


The company contacted us to develop a custom digital marketing strategy to improve its online visibility and generate more leads. With our guidance, Hansen Bridge celebrated exponential increases in several key areas.

Hansen bridge putnam marketing

When we first began working with Hansen Bridge, we identified several challenges that were hindering their online growth.


The company had no social media presence, which made it difficult to reach their target audience.


They also lacked the necessary tools to track website traffic and online leads, which made it challenging to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.



We worked closely with Hansen Bridge to develop a custom digital marketing strategy that would help them achieve their goals.


Our strategy included the development of a robust social media presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


We also optimized their website for search engine visibility, implemented targeted email marketing campaigns, and created high-quality content to engage their audience.



After one year of implementing our custom digital marketing strategy, Hansen Bridge celebrated impressive results.  They saw:

  • 21.47% increase in site visitors,

  • 126.50% increase in organic search traffic,

  • 800% increase in online leads,

  • 640.92% increase in the conversion rate.


These results surpassed the company's expectations and exceeded their initial goals.



Thanks to our custom digital marketing strategy, Hansen Bridge was able to overcome its online growth challenges and achieve impressive results.


We are proud to have been part of their success story and look forward to helping them achieve even more in the future.


Our experience working with Hansen Bridge is a testament to the effectiveness of a well-planned and executed digital marketing strategy.

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